Material State Management™

We are AvPro Technology Inc.™

The cure process is critical to composites manufacturing. When the strength and quality of the product is determined by your control actions, you want the right tools on your side. For over 25 years, Advanced Processing Technology™ (AvPro™) has helped manufacturing companies such as Boeing, General Atomics and Spirit Aerosystems measure and control structural composites manufacturing.

From our CSS control software, Material State Management™ (MSM™) tools to the ThermoPulse™ microwire sensor and customized services, we’re equipped to help you accurately gauge the state of your composites during storage and production. Let us take you inside the cure process.

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I was impressed with (the AvPro CSS300™’s) ability to improve part quality and better document autoclave runs… From the software’s graphs of the data, you could actually see where the material changed in viscosity to gel and then to asymptote modulus.
Brady Stephens, Manager of Helicomb’s Manufacturing Division
Quoted in “Automating and Optimizing Autoclave Cure
(With the AvPro CSS300™ software and a rheometer) I can conduct my review of the part in minutes and have the part back in production today versus weeks later, which is what it would take with traditional testing.
Lou Dorworth, Div. Manager of Abaris Training Resources, Inc.
Quoted in “Automating and Optimizing Autoclave Cure