Innovating Composite Manufacturing

In the dark ages of composite manufacturing, the stages of the cure process were often invisible, determined only by time and temperature goals, with time-consuming and costly safety margins built in to accommodate for uncertanties. In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, however, companies can get visibility of the production, thanks to AvPro's innovative software suite, the CSS300™. (Ask about our CSS400™ upgrade!)  

A holistic manufacturing control software system, the CSS300™ enables using the principles of Material State Management™ (MSM™) to measure and manage the part properties at all stages, as well as tracking the legacy parameters, i.e., the equipment, pressure, temperature and vacuum levels. With increased visibility of the parameters that matter, it can be possible to take corrective actions are needed, the system informs the operator, helping to save time and cost during a production cycle. In addition, the CSS300™ software suite combines an elegant, customizable user interface with powerful database and process management to fit the needs of all those involved in the production process.

CSS300™ Run Reader

Process Assessment Made Easy

In addition to leading-edge controls, AvPro also offers a line of data review and comparison programs called the CSS300™ Run Readers. In the CSS300™ Run Readers, stored data can be accessed for comparison of sensors from a single run or across multiple runs. These programs provide quick and intuitive methods of quality assurance reporting and process assessment, helping cut the time and expense of production record-keeping.


Connecting Instruments Seamlessly

Currently, laboratory instruments are run individually with their own proprietary software, creating additional time for training and operations. With the CSS300™ LAC, each instrument can be linked to the CSS300™ Database allowing a direct comparison of data and a more seamless overall operating environment.